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We have seen a few hours changing lives. We are proud of our volunteers who spend a few hours of impact with our children in the programs. Volunteers engage in meaningful program activities with our kids and help them to learn things they have not known. Children so feel loved and cared because someone is there for them to help when they need help and support them in their work as they learn and pursue their life goals.

 When you choose to volunteer with us, you will be engaged in a number of activities helping children with their homework, Games and sports, Home visitations, School visitations, Music, Dance and Drama, Bible Study, Reading and Literacy, Debates, Picnics and Exposure trips among others. You also assist in administrative roles, as a support staff. The organisation ensures you also meet your volunteer needs. Depending on the time you have, you can sign up to volunteer for a week, a month or a year. Will you choose to spend time with you children, you will not regret.

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