Keneth Ndyamuhaki is the Founder and the Executive Director of Yamba ChildCare – a small but thriving Non-profit organization in Uganda. Born and raised in poverty, and later orphaned, growing up was not an easy experience. His poor background could not have let him acquire the education he needed had it not been because of a Good Samaritan/ a“sponsor” who paid for his education through Compassion International.

While pursuing a bachelor of social work and social administration, Keneth got a great conviction to help Orphans and other Vulnerable Children (OVC’s) in his community. He started using his college stipend/pocket money to support one orphan from his village. His passion for helping vulnerable children grew so big. In 2015, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in social work and social administration from Uganda Christian University. He went back to his village in rural Uganda to answer God’s call to reach out to vulnerable children in dire need of help. He started Yamba ChildCare and committed his life to advocate for Orphans and Other vulnerable children.

Other compassionate people joined Keneth to advance Yamba ChildCare programs. Kenneth now holds a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Eastern University, USA. He is also a product of UrbanPromise School of Entrepreneurial Leadership (UPSEL), and Leadership Development Program (LDP) of Compassion International.

Kenneth continues to advocate for children and invites others to join him in the cause. Today, Kenneth and his Yamba Child Care programs, support over 100 orphans and other vulnerable children.

Kenneth Ndyamuhaki (Founder and ED)

Kenneth Ndyamuhaki (Founder and ED)

Keneth envisions investing in young people to become fulfilled and responsible Christian adults