Child sponsorship program is a one-on-one support model where a friend called a “sponsor” and a beneficiary called “a child” connect and start a new relationship.

  • A gift; a sponsor subscribes a gift of $33 a month to support the basic needs of his/her sponsored child. This support caters for school fees, school supplies, meals and medical assistance of a child. 
  • A Pen pal; Through an activity called Pen pal/Letter writing, both a sponsor and a child write and communicate to each other to cultivate their new relationship. A sponsor continues to learn more about a child and his or her family through updates, letters, and pictures from a child. Likewise, a child continues to know more about a sponsor and his or her family through letters, photos, and sponsor visits. 
  • A Sponsor visit: When this relationship matures, a sponsor chooses to visit a child. The organization prepares a sponsor visit, between a child and a sponsor.

After-School Program is a remedial arrangement between Yamba and beneficiary families; an idea to support children from poor families who struggle with essential basic needs. We reach out to children who are most vulnerable (neediest of the needy) in the community and are in dire need of extra help to improve their lives.

During the holidays, “After-school,” Kids come to Yamba premises and are engaged in a broad array of enriching activities. These include; Reading and literacy, Homework assistance, Storytelling, Debates, Singing, Games and sports, Tours & picnics, Birthdays, Bible study, etc.  

The program provides nutritious meals, school supplies such as; School uniforms, Shoes, Books, Pens, Pencils, Crayons, Soap and Vaseline to prepare Kids to go back to school.

Our Children beneficiaries in the program are learning, feeding and attending the above activities. The purpose of this program is to provide a safe space, co-curricular activities and to supplement school’s education curriculums.   We also provide back-up support through remediation with children who have dropped out of school. Through homework assistance, and tutoring classes we support children who have learning needs and are from poor backgrounds.  

Malnutrition is a common disease among children in the community and is caused by poor feeding. Poor feeding also results in compounding malnutritional diseases, such as stunted growth, Kwashiorkor, Ricketts, etc.

In our feeding program, Children feed on nutritious meals to avoid Malnourishment. Children are fed on a balanced diet; we provide meals that have food values, i.e proteins, like milk, beans, ground-nuts, and meat. Carbohydrates like Posho, Vitamins like fruits and greens.

Our goal is to provide healthcare support, through the provision of physical needs. We provide meals rich in growth & development. Carbohydrates-Body building foods, Proteins-Energy giving foods, Iron, Fats, Starch, and Vitamins. This food help to boost the immune system of children and prevent malnutrition diseases.