Child Sponsorship Program


Child sponsorship program is a one-on-one support model where a friend called a “sponsor” and a beneficiary called “a child” connect and start a new relationship.

  • A gift; a sponsor subscribes a gift of $33 a month to support the basic needs of his/her sponsored child. This support caters for school fees, school supplies, meals and medical assistance of a child. 
  • A Pen pal; Through an activity called Pen pal/Letter writing, both a sponsor and a child write and communicate to each other to cultivate their new relationship. A sponsor continues to learn more about a child and his or her family through updates, letters, and pictures from a child. Likewise, a child continues to know more about a sponsor and his or her family through letters, photos, and sponsor visits. 
  • A Sponsor visit: When this relationship matures, a sponsor chooses to visit a child. The organization prepares a sponsor visit, between a child and a sponsor.

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