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We provide internship opportunities to intern students perusing their studies in children’s ministry-related Courses/programs. We give a platform where they put the theoretical knowledge learned in class into practice, by creating for them opportunities to engage in experimental work that test what they have learned. Interns learn from senior staff members as they take up heavy assignments as delegated by their immediate supervisors. As you intern with us we ensure your internship needs such as supervision, dissertation report writing, skills training are met. Our interns are also supported in other areas they need our support.

Our former interns have tested the experiential learning from their engagements with our programs. This has had an incredible impact on their work and training in enhancing knowledge and skills. The relationship they developed with beneficiaries as they served has left a significant impact on their lives. We collaborate with communities and Organizations to source our interns, especially from Churches, Schools, and Universities and/or other organized social institutions. Intern with us, you will not regret your time spent impacting the lives of young people.

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