Mr. Arthur Tugume-Board Chairperson

“The Board plays a prime role in planning and decision making for the organization. Its major concerns are; integrity demonstrated through accountability, Stewardship through sustainability, a sense direction through shared vision, and mission-drift”. Says, Arthur.

Arthur is the Board Chairperson at Yamba Childcare. He is a retired high school & secondary teacher and a community leader. He’s the Founder & Director of Bwambara Modern Senior Secondary school. He believes Education is the key to transforming the lives of young people in communities. Arthur is passionate about education for young people

Mrs. Bridge Beatrice Nankwasa-Board Treasurer

“Most of our Board members live in the very community of operation. They oversee and supervise the work of the organization. They are great advocates for children because they know what our children go through and how it affects them on a daily basis”-says Bridge.

Bridge Beatrice serves as Board Treasurer at Yamba ChildCare. She is the Project Director of one of the Child Development Centres of   Compassion International assisted projects. Bridge believes in our model of holistic Child development that empowers children physically, social-emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Bridge has over 10 years of experience working with children and testifies the impact this model has had on the lives of young people.

Rev. Amos Katushabe-Board Member/Advisor

“The Bible says; “Let the little children come to me, do not hinder them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Mathew 19:14).

Rev. Amos is the Board Member at Yamba ChildCare. He is the former Missions coordinator of North Kigezi Diocese. He currently serves as the Overseer of one of the Child Development Centres of Compassion International assisted projects in the Diocese.

He brings to us the gospel of God’s love for children in the Bible. As a father, mentor and teacher he advises Caregivers of children to bring them to the church community to grow in Christ ways, to learn good morals and Christian values in order to develop into fulfilled responsible Christian adults.

Ruth Nkwengye-Board Member/Advisor

Hear Ruth in her own words; "I have learned that there is nothing rewarding like working with children. During my 10-year tenure working with children, it’s the most time I stayed younger, happier, and healthier. It’s the time I felt most loved. I regret nothing but rather the most rewarding time of service in my life."

Ruth NKwengye is a board member of Yamba Childcare. She has been a child advocate for many years. Ruth worked for Burama Child Development Centre as an Aid Teacher for children for over 10 years. She is a primary teacher by training and has taught children for many years.

While she serves on Yamba board she will be responsible for stewarding the values of the organization i.e Integrity, Stewardship, Discipleship, Care & Love and these are the core instruments of the organization. She will also be a custodian of the vision and mission of the organization.